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5 Plants for the Office

Studies have shown that having a plant in your office can benefit employees … in more ways than one. A study even found that by filling the office with household plants, productivity increased by 15%. The plants also improved memory retention, reduced sickness and absence rates, reduced background noise levels, and helped boost creativity. Now we’re not saying that adding a few plants will magically transform your employees into mini powerhouses, but there are a few benefits (besides the obvious aesthetic appeal). If you’re thinking about adding a little life to the office, here are a few of our favorite office-friendly plants:

  1. Devils Ivy is an evergreen vine with leaves that can range from light to dark colors. This is an easy-to-care for plant, and it’s great at adapting to new environments, such as your workspace. Skip the new employee orientation, this plant will make himself right at home.
  2. Aglaonema is a popular plant because of its leaves. These plants are known to have deep, dark green leaves with a stripe of silver or even red! This gorgeous plant is very popular in Chinese culture, supposedly bringing a long life to whomever takes care of it.
  3. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant) is known for its fat stalks than can hold large amounts of water. These are amazing office plants because they don’t require daily watering and will still thrive in dark lighting. Don’t worry about fertilizing it, either. It’s a very low-maintenance plant.
  4. An African Violet will look beautiful at every single desk space. These stunning flowers thrive in extremely similar conditions as humans, and although they do need light to bloom, this light can come in any form. Whether a small fluorescent lamp or large picture window, the African Violet will soak it up and bloom just the same.
  5. Lucky Bamboo is for the employee that wants to mix things up. It may look a little different than the other plants in this list, but it will still bring awesome benefits to your office. Bamboo stalks can easily be shaped into spirals, or you can weave them together to create a unique aesthetic. They are an easy plant to take care of and do not require much light, making them ideal for any office space.

Whether you’re trying to increase employee productivity or simply want to make your cubicle look a little prettier, an office plant is a great choice. What plants live in your office?