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5 Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Office Carpet

How often does your office get their carpets professionally cleaned and steamed? Despite numerous benefits of having them done, most workplaces are not cleaned often enough. Having a thorough cleaning can increase the life of the carpet, improve its appearance, and make it a healthier space for you to be working in.

1) Prevent the Spread of Allergens and Bacteria

Carpets make the perfect breeding ground for allergens and bacteria, especially high pile (fluffy) carpets. But even the low pile (flatter) carpets, which are more common in office spaces, can trap dirt and bacteria. They can be tracked easily throughout the office and even back to your home. Getting a deep, professional cleaning every once in a while can prevent the spread of this bacteria and keep your office space significantly cleaner.

2) It Smells Better!

With everyone walking over the carpet all day, a lot is dragged in from outside or other places. If dirt and bacteria are building up in your carpets, over time they will begin to smell. Routine cleanings can prevent odors. Then your office space can smell clean and fresh!

3) Keep them Pretty

Vacuuming regularly can help keep out everyday dirt and grime that is tracked in, but sometimes there are spills or stains that a vacuum just can’t fix. A professional carpet cleaning will keep carpets fresh, clean, and spotless, often removing deep layers of dirt that you didn’t even know were there. However, you’ll see the difference after it’s done!

4) Mold Prevention

As if there wasn’t already enough bacteria and dirt to worry about in your carpets, mold is another factor that can damage your carpets and affect the cleanliness of the office. Mold generates airborne spores, and mold grows more easily within a dirty carpet. During months with snow and rain, mold development increases because the moisture can get trapped in the carpets.

5) Improve Air Quality

Occupational asthma is more than just a reason to call out sick. Sometimes referred to as an allergy to the workplace, it makes up about 10% of the asthma cases in the United States. This is because without regular carpet cleanings, contaminants get buried deeply in the carpets and can make breathing difficult. Once these contaminants are cleaned out, less dust and dirt will be floating through the air and you can work without coughing or itchy eyes.

Cleaning carpets is obviously important for both aesthetic appearances and the health of employees in the office. But how often should it be done? This really depends on the traffic in your office and the weather in your area, but most commercial spaces should be vacuumed daily. A deep professional cleaning and steaming should probably be done about two times per year. It doesn’t take long, but can greatly improve the cleanliness of the office!