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7 Ways to Prepare your Office for the Winter

Those cold winter days are fast approaching, and it seems we barely had a chance to enjoy the fall before snow flurries were flying through the air. With the cold and snow comes mud, wet leaves, and even ice (once the temperatures drop a little more!) Here are our top ways to help keep your office looking just a little cleaner, even if it’s looking a little yucky outside.

  • Keep Your Walkways Clean: Stock up on items such as sand, ice melt, and a snow shovel now so that you’ll be prepared for when the snow and ice hit. If you have lots of customers or employees coming in and out of the office each day, they can easily track in mud and leaves. Your carpets will be much drier and cleaner if the walkways are clear.
  • Invest in Door Mats: Although you did your best to keep your sidewalks clean and dirt-free, you can catch the dirt that slipped through at the door. Having mats or shoe scrapers gives customers and employees the opportunity to clean their shoes before coming into the office, making cleanup of any dirt that much easier.
  • Seal Windows and Doors: This, of course, depends on your office building, but it may be worth your time to double check the windows for any gaps that can let cold air in (or hot air out). Caulking around these gaps can reduce your heating bill and keep you and your staff much cozier during the day.
  • Change Furnace Filters: While we’re on the subject of heating, make sure to change out your furnace filter. Typically, filters needed to be changed every 3-4 months. A clogged filter will limit the ability of your heater to warm the office. Additionally, putting in a new filter will improve the air quality that your staff is breathing, keeping everyone healthy and at work!
  • Deep Clean Carpets and Couches: Think of all the dust, pollen, and allergens that have been tracked into the office all summer long. It’s now had time to settle into the carpets and is ready to cause sneezing fits all winter. Ask our cleaners to do a deep steam cleaning on both carpets and couches to remove all of these pollens and give your staff a clean start for the wintertime. We perform several special services, including carpet cleanings, which could benefit your office.
  • Clean the Windows: Giving all your windows a good polishing will allow more natural light into the office, making the day feel a little less gloomy. Take advantage of all that Colorado sunlight and ask our cleaners to make sure the windows are crystal clear!
  • Clean Wood Floors: Our cleaners know how to keep your wood floors looking shiny, but this flooring could require special care from you, too! Puddles can cause damage to wood flooring pretty quickly, so mop up ice and snow as soon as possible. Refer to tip #2 and invest in mats and rugs. Dirt can scratch your floors and salt from the parking lot or walkways can leave an abrasive white residue. Any area that people may walk on directly from outside should be covered, especially during the winter months.

Of course, cleaning your office is our specialty. We can’t wait to clean up the little messes that winter brings, but if you need any advice on how to maintain cleanliness during the day or have questions about the special services we offer, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call us at 970-223-2222. We’re the dust busters!