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How to Save Money with a Part-Time Job at Let It Shine

When our Team SHINE members are on track to meet their financial goals, whether it be buying a house or paying off debt, they’re more likely to care about the work they’re doing.

At Let It Shine we’re all about helping our employees reach their goals by providing a set schedule that is still flexible with guaranteed pay. We know you won’t be here forever, and that’s perfectly fine with us. We aim to be the financial vehicle our team needs to go from go-getter to Goal-Getter.

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Ready to Go from Go-Getter to Goal-Getter?

Our employment model is supportive of our employees’ personal goals. We seek individuals who are goal-oriented in their personal lives, and therefore carry that mentality over into their professional lives. You can trust that, as a part of Team SHINE, we’re here to help you reach your financial goals.