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New Cleaning and Hygiene Protocols for the Workplace

With the recent pandemic, providing a clean workplace for employees’ safety is a top priority for companies.  From retail stores to warehouses and offices, employees will soon begin to return to their workplace. Where there are people gathering regularly, increased cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting protocols will be needed to maintain a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.

New workplace cleaning and hygiene protocols

Along with distancing in the workplace, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, as well as regularly disinfecting high touch-point surfaces, will be central to keeping work environments clean and safe. Below are three friendly reminders from Let It Shine to help keep the workplace healthy and efficient.

  1. Stay home with any symptoms
    – Management must set a new tone for the workplace
    – Leave behind old work ethic notions of rewarding and praising employees continuing to come to work while sick
    – Post policy reminders throughout the workplace requiring employees to stay at home unless they are symptom-free
    – Embrace and promote that workplace health and hygiene depends on all to participate in new protocols and personal habits
  2. Hand Hygiene
    – Post reminders throughout the workplace about the importance of hand hygiene
    – Provide hand sanitizer options throughout the workplace
    – Provide touch-free soap options in restrooms and breakrooms
    – Provide touch-free paper towel dispensers in restrooms and breakrooms
    – Place touch-free trash receptacles near exit doors in restrooms
  3. Regularly Sanitize Surfaces
    – Provide 1-minute contact time disinfecting wipes for interim surface treatments
    – Be sure your janitorial service is using EPA registered disinfectant chemicals from List N
    – Work with your cleaning services provider to revamp your agreement to increase the surfaces currently being disinfected and the frequency of those tasks
    – Ask about wipe, spray, and electrostatic disinfecting methods

Let It Shine is here to help your business stay clean and sanitized. Contact us today with any questions at 970.223.222 or contact us by email at info@letitshineprocleaning.com.